Plus why I switched to non-toxic products

Why I switched to non-toxic products

During the summer of 2018, I started thinking about the products I was using and how they might be affecting my health. As someone who suffered from anxiety, mood swings and inflammation, I wondered if the products I used could be affecting my hormones. Anxiety, depression and brain disease run in my family, so I was determined to start prevention measures early in hopes of avoiding long term illness. I was also concerned about my fertility as my husband and I considered starting a family. But I wondered how affordable it was to switch to non-toxic products and if it would actually be worth giving up the ones I used and loved–or if I would even notice a difference at all.

For these reasons, I started doing some research. I love reading research studies, which I did a lot of as I scrutinized the ingredients in conventional household and personal care products. I also read Dr. Gundry’s book The Plant Paradox, which was really helpful in laying out the facts about hormone disruptors. Hormone disruptors are toxic chemicals that can alter our hormone function and cause disease. And, sadly, many of these chemicals are found in everyday household, beauty and personal care products we use–even in food! Articles like this and this show how everyday products we use could actually be making us sick. I don’t know about you, but I want to live a long healthy life, free from disease. So, after doing the research, I was convinced that I needed to make a change with my long term health in mind.

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Aren’t non-toxic products expensive?

As I considered switching to non-toxic products, I wondered if we could afford it. However, the facts spoke for themselves and convinced me that you either pay a little now for non-toxic products or you will potentially pay a lot later for healthcare costs associated with a chronic illness. If the research shows that endocrine disruptors cause all kinds of disease, wouldn’t it be worth it to switch now and avoid a potentially devastating illness? Furthermore, compare spending a few extra dollars on non-toxic products to spending thousands of dollars on doctors visits, medications, surgeries… you get the point. It’s not only cheaper, it’s lifesaving. Plus, most of the non-toxic products I use can be found on Amazon for affordable prices! And, if you have Prime, it makes it even easier to shop and save.

My go-to affordable, non-toxic products from Amazon

Here are my go-to affordable, non-toxic products from Amazon. These are products I’ve used over the past year and would recommend to anyone looking to reduce toxins in the home without breaking the bank!

affordable non-toxic products
affordable non-toxic products



affordable non-toxic products


affordable non-toxic products


I don’t wear a lot of makeup (because 1. I work in a gym and sweat for a living and 2. my husband isn’t a huge fan of makeup), but here are the products I love for a polished, natural look.

Are non-toxic products worth it?

Overall, I wholeheartedly believe that non-toxic products are worth it. It only takes a little effort, and with my list of affordable non-toxic Amazon products, you really won’t have to search hard, or spend a lot! While it may take some adjusting (I was reluctant to give up my Chloe perfume and my Nest candles), your body will thank you!

Since switching to non toxic products, I have reduced my inflammation, and my anxiety an mood swings are more manageable. I also have clearer skin, less bloating and digestive discomfort, and I was able to get pregnant and have had a healthy pregnancy so far! I am especially glad I made these changes before pregnancy, because now I know that my baby is not exposed to toxic chemicals through what I eat or products I use.

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Lastly, if you give these products a try, let me know what you think! (Disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliates Associate, I make a small commission when you shop my links–at no additional cost to you).