My go-to healthy and satisfying snacks from Amazon: VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, KETO, PALEO AND PLANT PARADOX-FRIENDLY snacks

Who doesn’t love a good snack? But if you’re like me, snacks can quickly get you into trouble. You open the bag, saying, “Oh, I’ll just have a few pieces/bites,” and then before you know it, half the bag is gone. The solution? Stop snacking! Just kidding. I would never do that! My solution is to find healthy versions of the crave-able snacks I love, but that suit my nutritional needs. These snacks are not only tasty, but also vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto and plant paradox-friendly. And did I mention, they’re delicious?! And from Amazon?! Here are my go-to healthy and satisfying snacks from Amazon!

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Savory healthy snacks from Amazon

Grain-free crackers. I love these with hummus & veggies or in a charcuterie. They have several flavors, all of which are delicious!

-Popcorn – I can easily eat half a bag in one sitting. Oops. I love this kind and this kind–both are equally delicious.

-healthy Cheeto-like puffs – These are addicting. Even my husband likes them, and he is a crunchy snack connoisseur. I also love these for more of a traditional “cheese” flavor.

-these mushroom chips – Sounds weird, I know, but they have a similar taste and texture to a pretzel.

mixed nuts – You can’t go wrong here!

sweet potato chips – These are oil-free, so you save a lot of calories.

plantain chips and salsa (this one is low FODMAP!) or guacamole – bc I am always craving Mexican food.

Pretzels – I like to use these to make my homemade healthier spicy pretzels. 

-grain-free chips – I’ve tried every flavor and they’re all amazing! 

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Sweet healthy snacks from Amazon

Protein bars – I have scoured the market for vegan and gluten-free protein bars that are both low in sugar and high in protein. Plus, these taste delicious and aren’t loaded with funky preservatives.  

-Apples and almond butter or peanut butter. I like this almond butter – only organic almonds and salt, and no trans fatty oils. The almonds are blanched, which gives it a super creamy texture and makes it lectin-free + Plant Paradox approved. This is the peanut butter I love! I like that it’s creamy without needing to be stirred; it’s not oily like a lot of “natural” nut butters. 

medjool dates – they’re great alone, but for a more indulgent treat, I like to spread on some PB and sprinkle a few chocolate chips on top.

chocolate dipped almonds – these aren’t loaded with sugar and chemicals like traditional chocolate covered almonds, but still taste like a dessert.

healthy almond butter cups – almost like eating a Reese’s… almost. Here’s a keto version that are also delicious!

dark chocolate bar – because you always need a chocolate bar stashed away for emergencies, and this brand is organic, gluten-free and paleo. These salted caramel chocolate bars are also a fave, and are keto-friendly.

-Muffins & sweet bread (mix) These banana bread and pumpkin bread mixes are sooo good. You definitely don’t miss the added sugar! I love these for breakfast, too.

grain-free granola – great with yogurt, fruit, etc. 

Healthy Drinks from Amazon

Protein drinks – I’ve searched far and wide for protein drinks that are clean (low carb, low sugar, no chemicals), vegan, gluten-free and taste good–a tall order, trust me. These and these are my favorite, and both are dairy-free, gluten-free, keto and paleo!

Sparkling water. I don’t drink pop or soda (whatever you call it), but I do love sparkling water! This kind is my favorite, followed by this kind

Coffee creamer (non dairy) – I love this kind, and this kind.  

Coffee/tea sweetener – I put these stevia drops in black coffee when I’m intermittent fasting but still want it to taste good… I am not a black coffee person. 

Hot chocolate and chai latte mix – I have been wanting to try these hot chocolate and chai latte mixes–I’ve heard good things!

There you have it–my go-to healthy and satisfying snacks from Amazon. Now go Prime order some snacks, and try not to eat the whole bag!

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