Non-toxic cookware & time-saving kitchen gadgets for the Plant Paradox Program & other special diets

After diving into the Plant Paradox Program last summer, I realized that it was more than just dietary changes and switching out my household and beauty products. The Plant Paradox Program also recommended the use of safe, non-toxic cookware as a way to detox from harmful chemicals and hormone disrupters. *Mind blown.* I was unaware that the pots, pans, utensils, etc. that I’d been using to cook with for years were making me sick. But, after doing some research into the materials I was cooking with, I was totally convinced that I needed to make these changes in my kitchen for the sake of my health. So, I decided to come up with a list of must-have cookware and kitchen gadgets for the Plant Paradox Program.

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Therefore, I started researching safe alternatives to the kitchen gadgets and cookware I was using. I also looked into helpful kitchen gadgets that would make cooking on the Plant Paradox Program easier and more efficient. I’ll be honest–I was hesitant to make these changes on account of the cost. But, I decided that I would transition the bigger, more commonly used items first, and then gradually purchase other items over time. Furthermore, I was able to find many of these items for a good price, with several of them available from Amazon Prime!

Here is my list of must-have cookware and kitchen gadgets for the Plant Paradox Program. These items have been health-savers for my family, as well as time-savers when it comes to cooking healthy meals! And, like I said above, most can be found on Amazon for affordable prices!

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Must-Have Cookware and Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Basics

Mixing Bowls I use these from Amazon nearly every day; they are perfect for mixing and measuring. And they are made of glass, which is non toxic.

Plastic and silicon utensils are also toxic, and contain chemicals such as benzene, BPA, chlorine, dioxins, and phthalates, which are known hormone disrupters. Bamboo, stainless steel and wood options are good alternatives. I like these bamboo utensils.

A Good Chefs Knife
Since you’ll be eating lots of fresh produce on Plant Paradox, a good knife is essential. I love this knife for pretty much everything. It’s easy to handle and sharp enough to cut through tough foods like sweet potatoes.

Cutting boards I like this sustainably-made cutting board—it’s easy to clean and grips to whatever surface you’re cooking on, so it won’t slip around!

My must-have cookware & kitchen gadgets for the Plant Paradox Program

Small Kitchen Appliances

Instant Pot
An Instant Pot makes eating lectin free sooo much easier. How? By pressure cooking foods that contain lectins, you can drastically decrease the amount of lectins in the food. I like to use my Instant Pot to cook lentils, beans, rice, quinoa, and tomatoes. Not only does it reduce lectins, but it is a quicker and easier way to cook such foods.

Food processor
I use this food processor constantly. I make veggie burgers, pesto, nut butters, hummus, and even desserts like my no-bake brownies! It’s also a great way to chop/shred veggies or cheese.

Small/single-serving blender
Sometimes the best option for getting in extra veggies is a smoothie. While Dr Gundry recommends you treat fruit like “candy,” smoothies are still a easy way to get all the nutrients from fruit and veggies. I load my smoothies up with spinach or kale, fresh or frozen berries, and avocado for creamy texture. I like the NutriBullet specifically because it allows you to make single servings. And, it can power through frozen fruit decently.

Large high-powered blender
A high powered blender is perfect for making big batch smoothies and soups. This is a great blender; although costly, it is awesome for powering through frozen foods. Here is a more affordable option that also works well.

Slow cooker
A great way to cook meals without really having to cook. It just requires a little prep work! I like to batch cook things like meat, soups, and veggies in my slow cooker. I’ve used this one for years and it does the job.

My must-have cookware & kitchen gadgets for the Plant Paradox Program

Non-toxic cookware & food storage

Stovetop Cookware
Did you know that traditional non stick cookware releases toxins into your food when it’s being cooked? So even if you eat high quality organic food, it could still be contaminated by your cookware. If you can’t afford to switch over every pot and an, start with the ones you use most often. Green Pan makes some affordable and durable options. These pans and this pot are good basics to start with.

If you have a little more money to spend, I recommend investing in stainless steel pots & pans—they will last a long time, so it is truly an investment! I like these pans from All-Clad (a great deal, too, in my opinion). I also like this large soup pot for cooking big batches of soups, sweet potatoes, and pastas.

Baking/Roasting Most cookie sheets and pans are aluminum-based, which, you guessed it, is toxic. Opt for stainless steel pans instead, like these from Amazon-they are super cheap, too!

For baking and roasting pans, I like these glass pans from Amazon. I also like this ceramic baking dish and this loaf pan if you have a little more money to spend.

Meal Prep and Food Storage I like to use these glass containers. They’re perfect for meals on-the-go, since they can be reheated easily without releasing toxins into food.

For snacks and chopped fruits/veggies, I like these non toxic alternatives to plastic bags. They’re reusable and prefect for on-the-go.

Since switching to non toxic cookware, I wouldn’t say I’ve seen any dramatic health changes. However, I now have peace of mind knowing that I am not needlessly exposing my family to toxic chemicals. I believe that every little thing makes a difference in terms of long term health. And if I can prevent something as minor as allergies or as devastating as a chronic illness, I am going to do what I can. I hope this post inspires you to do the same!

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