Fitness gear and products that I’ve used and loved throughout my pregnancy

Let’s be real–working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is HARD WORK. Even as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, there were many days where I had to drag my butt off the couch to go to the gym. But, especially after the first trimester, I began feeling like myself and enjoyed exercising again. Today I am 34 weeks and counting, and still exercising almost daily! My workouts have changed a bit to accommodate my changing body. But I am still going and plan on doing so until baby girl is ready to make her debut! While motivation to exercise is sometimes a struggle, I’ve found a few great products that have really enhanced my workouts during pregnancy. Here are some of my pregnancy fitness essentials, gear and products I’ve used and loved throughout my pregnancy.

Pregnancy Fitness Essentials

Sports bra

In case you didn’t know, your boobs are one of the first things to grow during pregnancy (at least this was the case for me). To accommodate the extra bounce, I purchased this high-impact sports bra (I have used this particular one for years and swear by it). I also purchased this nursing-friendly sports bra and like it as well!

Maternity leggings

I tried several pairs of maternity leggings, and these high-waisted leggings were the most affordable for the quality and by far my favorite! They are breathable, have pockets, and are slimming but not too tight. They are perfect for sweaty, moderate-high intensity workouts. These maternity leggings are another great pair that I regularly get compliments on! They are likewise comfy and supportive for workouts. These maternity leggings are great for yoga, and I love the high-low design that keeps your bump supported and your back cool! On an unrelated note, they’re also great for getting pedicures because they unzip at the ankles, ha.

Maternity tops

These stylish and inexpensive tops will keep you cool and your bump supported through various workouts. This one is also nursing-friendly! I also wore these tank tops often, which are not maternity but come longer and therefore still work with a small-medium sized bump!

Sweatshirts and Jackets

My second and third trimesters have been in the fall and winter, respectively. I have worn this comfy shirt/sweatshirt an this one over my gym clothes to stay warm! The slits on the side make it perfect for a growing bump, and for nursing! I’ve also lived in this puffer jacket the past few months. While not maternity, it is an over-sized fit and accommodates a bump well! Plus, it can be worn after pregnancy, which makes it more worth the price.

Supportive shoes

i love this brand of shoes and they are without a doubt a fitness essential, pregnant or not! They are supportive for all types of workouts and come in tons of cute colors!

foam roller

In my third trimester, I have experienced more tension in my back and hips. This foam roller has been a lifesaver–along with my chiropractor and prenatal massage, which I highly recommend!

Water bottle

You definitely need a big water bottle during pregnancy! This one is insulated, non toxic and comes in tons of colors! Increased demands on the body mean that proper hydration is essential. Now if only it didn’t mean you had to pee every five minutes…

Heart Rate monitor

PEACE OF MIND. How do you know you’re working out safely? A heart rate monitor is a great way to make sure you are keeping your workouts safe for your body and baby. It does help with knowing how hard to push yourself, and when to back it off. This heart rate monitor has been a major pregnancy fitness essential for me. Of course, everyone’s fitness level is different before pregnancy, so the same will be true during pregnancy. Ask your doctor and a fitness professional for more specifics on what safe exercise in pregnancy looks like for you.

I hope these pregnancy fitness essentials give you a little extra motivation to get those workouts in! I’d love to hear about any pregnancy fitness essentials you have and love in the comments!

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