Healthy is a word that gets thrown around a lot…but what does it actually mean to be healthy?

Making sense of a complicated subject

As a certified personal trainer, this is a question I get often. Everyone wants to know what being healthy means and how to achieve it. As much as I wish this were a black-and-white, straightforward subject, with simple “dos” and “don’ts,”—it’s not.

“Healthy” is a term we use to describe food, bodies, relationships, habits, etc. It is all-encompassing, involving the whole person. With all the information out there, it’s no wonder that the more we know, the more confused we are, and the less confident we feel about our health. 

For many, a healthy lifestyle seems out of reach, a feat that only the seemingly perfect people we see in Hollywood or on social media have mastered. Different authorities bombard us with new information every day, and for every research study published there is another one with contradictory information.

Although we can generally agree that certain practices are unhealthy (i.e. smoking), we cannot seem to agree on what is in fact healthy. There are discrepancies everywhere—a lifestyle that enables one person to lose 15 pounds results in weight gain for someone else. Talk about confusing!

So why are things this complicated? The simple answer: we’re different. Our bodies, relationships, circumstances, etc. are all unique. A healthy lifestyle for one person should not necessarily be the standard for the next. I believe that health shouldn’t be complicated, or unattainable. So what can we do to make it simple? The answer, I believe, lies within the three categories below.


FIT Establishing a consistent framework for nutrition and exercise, including cognitive health and disease prevention. 

WELL Finding health and balance in the things of everyday life: Sleep, work, hobbies, habits, relationships.

MINDFUL Staying sane and doing our best to live consciously, including self-care and environmental awareness.

Stop and think: What does each of these categories mean to you? How satisfied are you with your current states of fitness, wellness and mindfulness?  

Where do we go from here? 

Focus on the big picture. “Healthy” doesn’t mean stressing over every meal you prepare or freaking out when you don’t get your workout in. It’s an overarching lifestyle that can be both enjoyable and flexible. It’s a long term process, not a short term pursuit.

Determine your health priorities. What’s important to one person might not be important to the next. Choose health goals that pertain to you.

Get accountable. Who and what is going to motivate, encourage and inspire you to pursue a healthy lifestyle? Community and regimen are key.

Now that you’ve determined your “what” the next (ongoing) step is the “how.” I know you’re feeling overwhelmed. That’s why I’m here! I’ll provide the tools you need: “simple strategies to help you maximize your health and detox your life.”

We’re in this together. I’m here as your friend, living every day life in pursuit of health, walking alongside you to find your “healthy.” From meal prepping, to which exercise plan is right for you, to what the latest research and studies have to say, I’ll help you make sense of it all.

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