Feel empowered in all the stages of womanhood.

All my workouts are simple, effective and designed with women’s bodies and lifestyles in mind.

Whether you’re pregnant, postpartum or simply looking for quality workouts you can do at-home, my workouts meet you where you’re at.

Womanhood is always evolving, and so are your fitness needs and goals.

Feel empowered in your body, in your mind, in your pregnancy, in your motherhood, in your fitness. 

Certified personal trainer + prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist. I’m a C-section mom to Ava (3) & Audrey (1). 

Hi! I’m Lauren,

My nutrition guide provides you with everything you need to optimize your postpartum recovery and provide your body with the energy it needs for the demands of postpartum life. 

Nutrition Guide

My YouTube Postpartum Workout Guides feature a daily workout schedule through one of my postpartum YouTube programs:

Each guide will detail exactly which workouts to do and when, including supplemental workouts from my YouTube channel to optimize your results.

Each guide includes 6 workouts per week, for a total of 72 workouts, ranging from 10-30 minutes each.   

Workout Guides

Postpartum Guides

$200 for a 30 minute call; this amount goes towards a personalized fitness and nutrition plan. Plans start at $300.

Work with Lauren one-on-one for personalized fitness and nutrition plans for your specific needs and goals.  


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“I had a C Section 8 months ago- I’ve been doing this daily for 2 months now and have noticed SUCH a difference!!! I also had major abdominal surgery so I really started with 0 muscle. I now just add this to the rest of my workouts as a warm up. I remember reading these comments and really thinking it wouldn’t help or I wouldn’t stay committed. So worth it mamas!! Keep going. Thank you so much!!!!”

 - Alexa W

So worth it mamas!!

“Started workouts 1 m pp having 4 fingers diastasis recti under the belly button and 3 above. 2 months later, I got 2 under and 1,5 above. And the best part – back pain is almost gone! I can lift my baby, walk and have a normal life. Thank you so much!”

- Milena G

Back pain is almost gone!

“This is exactly what I was hoping for but didn't know if I would find. Thank you so much for making these videos Lauren!! My c-section wasn't planned, so recovery has come with a lot of emotions. I'm only on week 1, but feel a little more like myself to be back on the mat. Thank you thank you thank you!”

- Kristen G

Exactly what I was hoping for

“I found a lot of the other postpartum workouts on YouTube a bit overwhelming, some lacking direction on how long to be doing them, when to be doing them, and too long. This was easy to do and didn't take too long which is appreciated since as a new mom, I don't have much time to begin with. I'm already feeling the results! I can't wait to continue with this ab program!”

- Cindy O

I’m already feeling the results!

“I'm not super motivated when it comes to working out but you are the first coach that gets me excited to get moving each morning. The workouts are short and not too difficult but I can tell they're working. It's the perfect combo for me and you do an incredible job coaching along.”

- Jessica M

I can tell the workouts are working

“Your videos are easy to follow and you explain everything. I appreciate that and you. I get confused easily (mom brain) but not in your videos. I was following another program, but it didn’t help with DR or pelvic floor muscles. Those are my problem areas after 3 babies. Thank you”

- Tiffanie N

Your videos are easy to follow

Kind Words

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